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pipe Spool yaH Welding

pipe Spool Welding stationsproduct descriptionsthe DanoHmeH pipe spool yaH welding weld pipe pipe, pipe flange, pipe DeSqIv, pipe tee etc. pipe automatic botlh laH tlhoj 'oH
product details:

youbest Welding Ltd wa' Dev jungwoq pipe spool weld yaH manufacturers 'ej suppliers, majQa' wholesale youbest qutlh spool yaH pipe welding pagh, pe'meH pipeline prefabrication pat, tlhegh production, welding vo' laSvargh.

pipe Spool yaH Welding

product Descriptions

DanoHmeH pipe spool yaH welding weld pipe pipe, pipe flange, pipe pipe tee DeSqIv, etc. pipe automatic botlh, automatic (manual) clamping je ngaDmoH rotation laH tlhoj 'oH by means of patent headstock cham. laH lo' automatic processing 'oQqar juS, filling juS, 'ej yuvtlhe' juS, pa' cooperation je arc voltage controller (avc), jIH je ngaj 'oH.

product Specifications



export rut mutlha'taH



wa' DIS

after-sales chavmoH

jonwI' lupoQ chavmoH overseas

delivery poH


product Features

chut lulajpu'bogh pat pipe pre-fabrication, according to productivity requirement rar weld yaH chut lulajpu'bogh, Hoch weld yaH 'ej pong vaQ logistics pat DawIvpu', Hoch Qap mIw tlhoj tI' 'ab, load, bevel, juS, filling, yuvtlhe' welding, 'oQqar ghoghmey-woDDI', chaDo'maq, pre-fabrication efficiency ghur 'oH

automatic 'oQqar juS qay' qaStaHvIS pre-fabrication solves tI' 'ab

controller PLC ngaDmoH lo' weld pat Qap ngaDmoH ensure 'ej pIch rate reduce.

laH lup yaH welding pong chom, qa''a'pu'vaD yotlh yo'SeH relocation 'ej facilitate,

modular chut lulajpu'bogh poH chut lulajpu'bogh 'ej lIng, baS beneficial production 'ej leH reducing;

widely lo' reH shipbuilding construction 'ej mIqta' industry.

application Examples

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